Ravings of a mad man.

1983 Honda Goldwing Aspencade Custom

So we took a fully dressed ratted old GL1100 that hadn’t run in over 7 years and thought it would make a good project for some minor mods. “so we thought”

Firstly we started with stripping it down and removing the engine ensuring it still turned over and wasn’t seized. Freshening up some seals, gaskets, switches, clutch, master cylinders, brake calipers and removing the carburetors and rebuilding them. Quite the project but allot of fun. Before we new it we were shortening rear guards, retro fitting a front guard from a CB900 and pin striping and painting them while leaving the rest with its classic original ratty look. Custom fiber glassing a seat base and covering it with a diamond stitch top. It was starting to take shape.

New fork seals a must as it had been sitting so long including a full service and tune, a new battery and starter motor and we bought this old thing back to life. Carburetors adjusted and balanced made certain this old girl was performing at its best again. Some custom Z bars, rear progressive shocks,  twin headlights, indicators and tail light really gave this GL a distinct look and feel.

The low center of gravity with the horizontally apposed 4 cylinder and staintune pipes made this bike such a comfortable, easy and fun bike to cruise on regardless of HWY or round town riding.

Loved this custom build and now looking forward to the next one.

Goldwing GL1100

Goldwing Aspencade GL1100

Kawasaki ZX10

Kawasaki ZX10 2006 Delkevic Twin System

In for an exhaust upgrade was this 2006 Kawasaki ZX10.

We are loving the Delkevic systems. Well priced and good performers. We are your local stockist for Delkevic here in Southport so if your keen for an upgrade you know where to find us.


Triumph Bonneville T100

Triumph Bonneville 2008 T100

Hi Folks,

Here we have a 2008 Bonneville which came in with a stalling problem. Apparently these bikes can cause some issues if not serviced and maintained properly.

Being the last of the Carburetor model it still runs a CDi Ignition Box which has been known to cause some issues.

Because it was stalling on idle when sitting for a while and backfiring / popping on de-acceleration we through we would start with the basics for fault diagnosis.

Replaced the plugs with iridium plugs as recommended by manufacturer. Tested both the resistor caps for correct Ohms reading and found one to be faulty. Drained and cleaned the carburetors. Very important the carburetors are in sync and mixture screws adjusted to specifications. 2.5 turns out from seated position. Now you will need a specialised tool for mixture adjustments on the Triumph so DON’T try make shifting something that may cause damage. Carbs slightly out of sync and incorrect mixture settings on the Bonneville will cause a number of issues.

We did test the CDi Ignition box with a test unit we have and found it to be working satisfactory. We also tested the coil to ensure it wasn’t failing or breaking down when getting hot. Even though this model is carburetored and not injected it still runs the CDi ignition module so very important to check battery and charge rate. We tested the stator and regulator rectifier for proper outputs and also made sure the battery was fully charged and passed a load test. After process of elimination and some carburetor fine tuning this Bonneville is running at optimum performance and is such a sweet bike to ride.

Remember if your having problems with your Triumph – Bonneville / Thruxton / Speedmaster / Scrambler or just need it serviced feel free to look us up.


Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Bonneville T100 NGK Regulator Rectifier CDI Ignition Box Coil Carburetors Triumph Bonneville T100


Suzuki GS1100G – Delkavic – 4 into 1

Hi folks,

Here we have a classic Suzuki GS1100G that was in for an exhaust upgrade. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the 4 into 2 system anymore and just trying to find one in as good as condition as the GS1100 was not easy so we opted for a Delkavic 4into1.

To be honest the fitment was fairly straight forward and easy to work with. The sound was great and super responsive on the throttle. It gave this classic old GS a whole new look and feel.

This is just one of the services we can provide for your classic old bike as we do love working on them and admiring their Vintage Lines.

Click on the link below to see and hear.